Believe it or not, Nissan and its affiliates developed their first electric vehicle (EV) 70 years ago in 1947 with the release of the Tama, a four-seat EV developed by the Tokyo Electro Automobile CO, which later became part of Nissan. Now, 70 years later, Nissan unveiled its most advanced EV yet, the Nissan BladeGlider. The BladeGlider prototype is a three-seat speedster, designed to provide you with an athletic and engaging driving performance all the while with zero emissions.

The BladeGlider is engineered to expand Nissan's Intelligent Mobility strategy by combining the pleasures of driving with environmental responsibility. The BladeGlider is able to offer such an athletic driving experience thanks to its revolutionary electric engine set up and aerodynamic shape, which allows it to "glide" through the air. This allows the BladeGlider to achieve a speed of 0-100km/h in an impressive time of less than five seconds.

The BladeGlider concept is just another example of the unfaltering dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility from Nissan. While the BladeGlider is only a concept, you can be sure that you'll see innovations like it in the near future, especially as their electric innovation continues to grow!

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