Nissan continues to pave the way for innovative technology with the introduction of the new ProPILOT Assist technology which will be available in the upcoming 2018 Nissan Rogue! ProPILOT is a revolutionary semi-autonomous driving technology designed for confident and hassle free highway travel, offering a combination of steering, acceleration and braking that can be used in a full automatic mode, allowing you to commute and travel on the highway with a level of ease never before seen in a Nissan vehicle.

ProPILOT will use advanced image-processing technology to gauge road and traffic situations to determine steering, braking and accelerating options, allowing you to drive with ease in highway commuting situations. The driver can easily enable or disable ProPILOT using a convenient switch on the steering wheel, and can be easily monitored on a personal display. The functions that ProPILOT include being able to follow preceding vehicle, stay in your lane, automatically stop and go based on the vehicle in front, control steering through curves, change lanes with the preceding vehicle, and more.

In an attempt to make zero fatalities on the road a reality, Nissan is working nonstop to create innovative technology that makes driving easier and safer for everyone on the road. ProPILOT is the next up in this line of innovations and you can expect to see it on many new Nissan models in the near future.

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